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A special edition of "Taylorsville Kentucky Music Week" will be held at CMT (CMT Music) in Nashville on Wednesday, July 1, it has been announced.

The special edition of CMT Music "Taylorsville Kentucky Music Week" will be available on July 1 on the Heartland Network (formerly TNN).

Shelburne will host a free album release concert at the University of Kentucky Music Hall of Fame in Lexington, KY, on Saturday, July 28. Shelburnes will also play in Louisville, Ky., on July 29 and will host another concert tonight to raise money for the team's Kentucky Fund. I'm not sure what to do. M to Taylorsville, Ky. to give a concert to celebrate my brand new release, which we will celebrate this Saturday (July 28th).

The whole album is not from Kentucky, but I wrote the songs to pay homage to my home state. I start with a song called "Straight Kentucky," which deals with Taylorsville since Kentucky moved from Nashville to Nashville in 2008. Straight Kentucky seems brave to name a new album, especially given the promo surrounding the song's title and the fact that it's about Kentucky.

I grew up in Shelburne, but I went back to Kentucky and wrote something called "Better Man," and I shot the video for sale in Millville. Someone wrote it with my wife and recorded the song in Nashville, and we filmed it and shot it. Or to put it another way, I went back and shot it in Tennessee, made a video for Nashville and shot it there.

I went to the University of Kentucky before settling in Nashville to pursue my music career. I found a way to build a big fan base, and now I find myself in the music scene, touring the city, building a fan base, and celebrating a decade of success without trying to make a big breakthrough.

Follow J.D. Shelburne on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with new music and live streaming announcements, and watch all of his videos directly from Kentucky. The Stephen Foster Story, an outdoor musical, is seen by more than 20,000 guests and businesses each month and includes 587 locations, with plans to see it this year in more than 1,500 locations across the state of Kentucky. Visit the Plantation House at the Civil War Museum, watch the outdoor musical "Stephen Foster's Story," or plan your own trip to the Kentucky State Capitol for a tour of the Capitol Building and other historic sites in the city. Be sure to read the tour schedule as it performs at several music festivals, including the Rising Hometown Music Festival in Nashville and the Music Hall of Fame in Louisville.

I just want you to think about what Governor Beshear has done for your home - bluegrass grown in this state and so many more people who need our help as they grow up. Ole Red Nashville will perform on Sundays this year, as well as at many festivals across Kentucky. Check out J.D. Shelburne and his band at the Rising Hometown Music Festival in Nashville and the Music Hall of Fame in Louisville and see the tour schedule as they perform at several music festivals across the state.

I like to visit my parents "Kentucky farm when I'm off the road, and I love what Louisville has to offer.

I love knowing where I'm from and coming to a show when a lot of other artists are playing in the city on the same night. I have to say Nashville doesn't work like that anymore, but I'm a talented musician and I don't stand out. The story is the story of my life, my family and my love for Kentucky and Kentucky music in general, "he says.

It's an optimistic tune that's carried by almost all the iconic people, places and brands from the bluegrass state. Governor Beshear has set the bar high for Kentucky as governor of the state, and I am fortunate to hear him here in Nashville and to meet with him at his establishment.

After I met him, I attended the Country Radio Seminar and had the opportunity to play a song with him and his wife Jennifer in front of a live audience. His services include live performances at over 100 trade fairs and festivals in the eastern United States and a variety of other events.

Shelburne was at Hometown Rising in Louisville, where Tim McGraw headlined and played to tens of thousands of people. He performed the state's song in front of more than 1,000 people at the Kentucky State Fair. For all the kids at the Kentucky Zoo who watch Taylor Field, a dream come true that has lived in Nashville before and has received little recognition at the CMT. I am honoured to be able to play with one of the most talented artists in the country and a great friend of mine.

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