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Edgewater Resort in Spencer County is a picturesque steep slope overlooking a 3,050-acre lake leased indirectly by the city of Tayorsville, Kentucky, and the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. The development, located on the west side of the lake at the southeast corner of Taylorville Road and South Main Street, will be in two phases.

Phase I includes the construction of most of the 120 holiday homes, and Phase II includes the remaining holiday homes. Construction of the building will begin in June, while the condominiums, hotel and conference center are expected to begin within 18 months. Hilton Head, S.C., is located at Edgewater Resort and Spa, a $1.2 million hotel with a 1,000-room hotel, spa, restaurant and spa.

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Edgewater Resort is sublet by the Kentucky Department of Parks to Spencer County Fiscal Court. Boating on the water for recreation, fishing and fishing is allowed, and the owners have year-round use of their cottages, which is limited to 14 consecutive days. All unused days of the owner himself are entered in the rental pool. Travel time and distance are guidelines and indicators and are influenced by weather conditions, road conditions and other factors such as traffic, weather, parking, etc.

Taylorsville is therefore a lakeside town with many types of lodges to choose from and a wide range of accommodation options.

The proximity to Taylorsville Lake State Park makes it the perfect place to hunt, fish and boat. Guests of this resort can also enjoy all the activities it has to offer, such as hiking, camping and camping. Captain's Cove Resort is bordered by Tay Lorsley Lake and is the most popular destination for visitors to Kentucky. The resort is just a short walk from the park and a good distance from many of its activities. Edgewater Resort on TayLors County Lake, Kentucky - Edgewood Resort on TayrorsVILLE Lake is close to fishing, boating and swimming, and its proximity makes it an ideal location for those who have behaved in Tay Lorsly Lake and Taylsville Park State Park.

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More About Taylorsville